The Marketplace is a space for users to share objects such as models, Docker images, and running APIs. The Marketplace is implemented on a per-cluster basis - there is a single Marketplace for each cluster, and every user on this cluster can access the Marketplace.

Activating the Marketplace on your cluster

For the Marketplace to be accessible on your cluster, you will need to do the following:

  • Create the registry user:

> neuro admin add-cluster-user CLUSTER_NAME registry user
  • Create the registry folder on the platform storage:

> neuro mkdir -p storage:/registry
  • Share the registry storage folder to public with `read` and `write` permissions:

> neuro acl grant storage:/registry public write

When this is done, the Marketplace will be activated on your cluster.

Sharing objects in the Marketplace

If a user wants to share an object with others through the Marketplace, they will need to:

  • Share the corresponding object to public with `read` access:

> neuro acl grant <object-URI> public read
  • Write a JSON description of the shared object.

  • Put the JSON file and the image file representing the object's thumbnail in the Marketplace to the storage respectively as:


After this, the object will be accessible for all users through the Marketplace.

Removing objects from the Marketplace

If a user wants to remove an object from the Marketplace, they will need to remove the corresponding JSON file and the object's thumbnail file from the platform storage.

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