Managing Presets

Once your cluster's node pools are set up, you can configure resource presets that will be available for you and your team during the work process. This can be done both through the CLI and in the Web UI.

Checking your cluster's presets

You can view your current cluster's resource presets by running neuro config show and referring to the Resource Presets section in its output:

Name               #CPU   Memory   Round Robin   Preemptible Node   GPU                             Jobs Avail   Credits per hour 

 cpu-small             1     4.0G                                                                          20   10               
 cpu-large             4    10.0G                                                                           8   10               
 gpu-small            23    60.0G                                  1 x nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080ti            1   10               
 gpu-large            47   120.0G                                  2 x nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080ti            0   10               
 gpu-1x3090           23    60.0G                                  1 x nvidia-geforce-rtx-3090              0   10               
 gpu-2x3090           47   120.0G                                  2 x nvidia-geforce-rtx-3090              0   10               
 cpu-medium            2     6.0G                                                                          13   10               
 cpu-micro           0.1     1.0G                                                                          83   5                
 cpu-test-storage    7.0    30.0G                                                                           2   75

Modifying and adding presets

You can easily modify or add resource presets by using the neuro admin update-resource-preset command.

For example, to change the amount of memory accessible through the existing cpu-large preset to 32GB, run:

> neuro admin update-resource-preset -m 32G company-cluster cpu-large

To add a new preset, just provide its name and parameters in the neuro admin update-resource-preset command. You can learn more about using this command here.

Deleting presets

You can delete resource presets by using the neuro admin remove-resource-preset command. For example:

> neuro admin remove-resource-preset company-cluster cpu-medium

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